Seerat Migration


Services to Institute

Our team of experienced immigration professionals is dedicated to assisting universities in recruiting top talent from around the globe, facilitating visa applications, compliance, and ongoing support.

Marketing Campaign

We boast extensive network and a robust customer database, enabling us to tailor marketing campaigns based on our comprehensive grasp of market trends.

Education Fairs

We host education fairs at multiple locations throughout the year, facilitated by our dedicated marketing team, ensuring institutes have the opportunity to connect with talented candidates.

Student Recruitment

Over the last decade, we’ve successfully facilitated the enrolment of over 900 students across a diverse range of institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Germany, and Ireland.

Admission Processing

Institutes can streamline their operations by outsourcing services such as application processing and offer letter generation to our highly trained staff and robust Communications Department, poised to provide unwavering support.